BYO Goodie Bags

Make your furkid's birthday a special one by customising treats, birthday favours and more - with us!
  • Mix & Match

    Have various favourite treats? Fret not, because MIX & MATCH is here. With no limitations, GO WILD

    Featuring Poppy's 3rd Birthday, with yoghurt gems, waddle pops & meat chips!

  • Chippies Lover

    Your new found love for our meat chips? Share these with your guests and turn them into Chippies Lover too!

    Featuring Teddy's 2nd Birthday with a mixture of meat chips to create a trio colour for aesthetic and variety of protein for his guests!

  • Small Wonders

    Size does not matter! Small wonders are for you to introduce your guests to the wonders of our treats - leave them wanting more.

    Featuring Bailey's 4th Birthday with a pop of colour for her mates in daycare!

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  • Party packs

    Let us know what you would like to include in your party pack, and just sit back and relax.

    Featuring Marsh's 4th Birthday, with Mini Sushi Rolls & Durian Gems

  • Customised For your special day

    Want treats to match your party theme? We gotcha!

    Featuring Donut's 3rd Birthday, with mini donut bites for her classmates in school!

  • B for Bambi!

    Drop us your theme, we can make it happen!

    Featuring Bambi's 3rd Birthday, with meat cookies that are made into letters and a crown for a king himself!

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