Q: How long can your treats last?

Our treats are air-dried for at least 18 hours at low temperature to ensure that it is fully dried and oven-blasted to ensure food-borne bacterias are removed.

Shelf-life of 1 month in the refrigerator & 3 months in the freezer.

Q: Why do we have to store it in the refrigerator even before opening?

Although we have air-dried it, there are other uncontrollable factors (e.g. humidity, temperature, etc) that can decrease the shelf-life & we would not want to risk any issues during feeding. At the same time, our treats are purely natural without preservatives and additives, which is also another reason why room temperature storage is not encouraged.

Q: Why 4-7 working days to process my order?

Our treats are only processed after we have received your order and payment to ensure that it would still reach you fresh, and allow you to have sufficient time to complete your pack before the best before date, which would ideally be 1 month after receiving your items.

Q: Can I customise my order?

Yes, we do services such as adding vegetables to certain products, etc.

Also, we've received request for other proteins (e.g. crocodile, kangaroo, etc) that can be made specially for you, because we understand that dietary restrictions do exist - and would still like your furkids to enjoy their treats.

However, do note that there will be a MOQ of: 300g (end product)

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We're open to more questions!

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