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Broth Gummies

Broth Gummies

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Our Broth Gummies are made to create fun and interesting textured treats for our furkiddos - using simple yet beneficial ingredients 

Ingredients: Charcoal Boiled Bone Broth (CBBB), Filtered water, Agar Agar, Carrots & Beetroot (Pork), Spinach & Blue Pea (Chicken

Why Agar Agar? 

It's made out of red Algae, aka Seaweed, which is an added form of fibre to your pet's diet. As it is not retrieved from animal sources (gelatin), it would be a better option if you're pet is allergic to certain proteins!

No preservatives, no artificial flavouring, no colouring

  • Size: 40g (approx. 35-40pcs) 
  • Chilled Item (to be stored in the fridge)
    • To be consumed within 1 week
    • DO NOT FREEZE (texture of gummies will change)

    Proudly made in Singapore

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