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Charcoal-Boiled Bone Broth

Charcoal-Boiled Bone Broth

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Our Charcoal-Boiled Bone Broth (CBBB) is slow-cooked using the most traditional method over the charcoal stove over 24 hours on low heat

Methods of feeding our CBBB: 

  1. Topper | For added flavour & nutrients
  2. On it's own | Snack & Hydration
  • No preservatives, no artificial flavouring, no colouring
  • Size: 50ml & 150ml
  • Frozen/Chilled Items (to be stored in the freezer/fridge) 
    • Freezer: Consume within 3 months (Keep frozen at or below -18°C. Do not refreeze once thawed) 
    • Fridge: Consume within 10 days 

    Proudly made in Singapore

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